• Vittoria Revolution Tech G2 Tyre
  • Vittoria Revolution Tech G2 Tyre
  • Vittoria Revolution Tech G2 Tyre


Vittoria Revolution Tech G2 Tyre


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The Revolution Tech from Vittoria is an evolution in the world of urban road tyres.

This urban adventure tyre features a micro tread pattern for exceptional grip and traction in all-weathers while providing better rolling performance than a slick race tyre. This tyre is ready for any adventure and features a Solid Shield puncture protective layer beneath the tread and is ready for use with an E-Bike.


Graphene 2.0 Compound: Vittoria’s unique Graphene compound is superior in rolling performance, grip, traction and longevity. This compound provides the performance benefits required for competitive, consistent racing output. The Original Graphene Compound raised the bar for performance evenly through all disciplines, whereas Graphene 2.0 pin-points the performance requirements from each cycling discipline and enhances them for speed, grip, durability and puncture resistance.

Solid Shielding: This protection layer makes punctures a thing of the past thanks to this thick, natural rubber layer under the tyre tread. Plus, it provides maximum protection without the negative impact on rolling resistance.