Vélocifit Custom Shoe Fitting At Saint Cloud

Last year, while on a bunch ride someone said to me; “You're the shoe guy, yeah? So where should I go to get fitted for cycling shoes?” Having worked in the specialty footwear space for the past 8 years, I knew the fact I couldn’t answer that meant that I had a problem to solve in the cycling space. Plenty of stores sold cycling footwear, but I couldn’t find any with a specialty fitting service we’ve come to expect in the running and ski industry.
That’s when the idea for Vélocifit (Vel-o-chee-fit) was born. Appointment based, cycling footwear fitting(s). The best products available fitted to your feet, improving the performance, comfort and bio-mechanical demands of cycling. We also teamed up with Pro/Plantari to create fully customised, semi rigid, performance footbeds for every person we fit, enhancing all our outcomes. Our performance footbeds are 3D printed in Australia allowing us full customisation, rapid turnaround, and to utilise the most advanced manufacturing process currently available.
This service is particularly beneficial for people who experience, pain, discomfort, numbness, tingling, “Hot feet” or have a nagging injury history in the foot or ankle region. We’ve seen it all, and, it’s a great opportunity to solve problems that are often mistakenly accepted as ‘normal’.
On Friday the 2nd of February we will be launching our specialised cycling footwear fitting service at Saint Cloud bike shop. Saint Cloud have access to all the top brands of cycling footwear currently on the market so you will be sure to ride away happy!
Head over to our website and to learn more and make an appointment: www.velocifit.com.au

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