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What is Shimano Di2?

Well, with just a push of a button, the sophisticated Shimano Di2 electronic technology provides accurate and dependable gear shifts. Modern technology makes shifting cleaner and more effective by replacing the need for conventional connections. With Shimano Di2, you can ride smoothly and effortlessly - improving your overall cycling performance.

Is a Shimano Di2 Upgrade Worth It?

In short, you won't regret it. Switching to Shimano Di2 is a game-changer for riders looking for increased convenience and performance. Di2 offers faster and more precise shifts, less maintenance, and increased durability. We think Shimano Di2 is a worthwhile upgrade if you're considering moving to an electronic shifting setup, but of course there are other options out there too.If you'd like more info, then please feel free to reach out and you can chat with our bike technicians in the shop.