• Teravail Ehline Tyre Black


Teravail Ehline Tyre Black


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Ehline is an ideal tire for modern XC trails: fast-rolling without compromising cornering performance. Ehline’s tread pattern and casing provide more traction and durability than traditional XC tires, making it a great choice for riders who take on increasingly aggressive and challenging terrain.


  • Center lugs are short, tightly-spaced, and ramped to roll quickly; perpendicular siping provides grip during both braking and acceleration. 
  • Transition lugs are ramped to roll quickly and spaced out to shed mud; horseshoe-shaped siping allows lugs to conform to the terrain to maintain traction during braking.
  • Side lugs are taller and staggered, with parallel siping to enhance grip while leaning into a turn.

The Ehline is a solid tire for hardpacked trails and gravel riding. The minimal centerline tread rolls quickly, and tall corner lugs provide aggressive grip for cornering at speed and confidence in most buff trail conditions. The tread also works well on road sectors, double track, and nearly all speedy terrain. I recommend this tire for anyone who likes to explore on their mountain bike and needs a tire that can handle any terrain they come across.