• SYNC ERGONOMICS Project 0.2 Ecosystem - M5/M6 mounting
  • SYNC ERGONOMICS Project 0.2 Ecosystem - M5/M6 mounting
  • SYNC ERGONOMICS Project 0.2 Ecosystem - M5/M6 mounting
  • SYNC ERGONOMICS Project 0.2 Ecosystem - M5/M6 mounting
  • SYNC ERGONOMICS Project 0.2 Ecosystem - M5/M6 mounting


SYNC ERGONOMICS Project 0.2 Ecosystem - M5/M6 mounting


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Arm cup angulation is the foundation of an effective high-hands position. Our wedge solution matches the angle of the forearm when a high-hands position is used, increasing the contact patch at the arm cup, improving comfort and stability.

Maximum Adjustment

The combination of our V2 Arm Cup Wedges and V2 Deep Groove arm cups, offer a total of 60 mm of adjustment range (fore-aft and lateral), in 15 mm increments.

Universal Fitment

Slotted fore-aft mounting points offer universal fitment across multiple bikes and handlebars. Simply select either the M5 or M6 Arm Cup Wedges, based on the mounting requirements of your bike.

Maximum Support

Our V2 Deep Groove arm cups are ergonomically designed to provide unrivaled security from lateral forearm movement, maximising support for aero positioning across all time trial disciplines.

Specific Geometry

Our High Rise 3D extensions have been designed to provide perfect hand placement, for a comfortable and aerodynamically efficient time trial position.

UCI Compliant

The Project 0.2 ecosystem was designed to produce the most effective time trial position, compliant with UCI regulations, while offering comfort over full distance IRONMAN triathlon.

Improved aerodynamic performance

The high-hands time trial position has long been used by athletes seeking greater comfort, but field aero testing (Alphamantis Technologies) shows that a properly supported high-hands position also test faster as well.


Our test data shows a 3.5% lower average CdA (Variable 1 vs Variable 2 below). This is an equivalent power gain of 14 Watts, worth over 30 seconds for a 40 km time trial completed at 375 Watts. For a full distance IRONMAN completed at 290 Watts, this is an equivalent power gain of 10 Watts, worth over 100 seconds.

A properly supported high-hands position allows the athlete to better execute aero techniques and improves position consistency. The net performance gain from an improved aerodynamic position has a very significant impact on time trial performance, across all disciplines.

Why we created Project 0.2

Our goal with Project 0.2 was simple – A simple and effective solution for achieving a true high-hands position.

This ecosystem serves as an introduction to achieving a high-hands position, combining the three vital components that are necessary for successful execution. The advanced ergonomic design facilitates aero positioning, improving stability and support for the upper body when aero positions are employed.

Project 0.2 offers universal fitment with a slotted mounting points, catering for bikes/handlebars with fore-aft arm cup mounts, using M5 or M6 connection screws. Our High Rise 3D extensions are compatible with modern electronic shifters and can be readily trimmed for correct length and height.


  • V2 15-degree Arm Cup Wedges

  • V2 Deep Groove arm cups 

  • V2 High Rise 3D extensions

  • M5 & M6 wedge options available