• Swiss Stop Disc 17 Disc Brake Pads


Swiss Stop Disc 17 Disc Brake Pads


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SwissStop High-Performance Organic Brake Pads SwissStop's Disc 17 Organic Compound Brake Pads are the perfect blend of high performance Kevlar, Ceramic, Brass and Resin Composite material for your needs. They fit Avid Juicy 3/5/7/Ultimate BB7 Mechanical outfits and offer a highly balanced combination of reliable brake performance, fine quality materials and greatly appreciated durability at a very affordable price point.

Consistent Performance In All Weather Conditions Expertly designed to provide excellent braking power with minimal effort at the brake lever, SwissStop Disc 17 Organic Brake Pads can be reliably trusted to deliver consistent performance in both wet and dry conditions. For truly noteworthy, value-for-money, brake pad life you can always depend on SwissStop.

Fit Compatibility • Avid Juicy 3 • Avid Juicy 5 • Avid Juicy 7 • Avid Juicy Ultimate • Avid Juicy BB7 Mechanical