• SRAM Red AXS E1 Groupset / Shift Kit + Hammerhead Karoo


SRAM Red AXS E1 Groupset / Shift Kit + Hammerhead Karoo


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Effortless Performance. Effortless Perfection
You want your performance to represent 100% of what you put in, and we designed SRAM RED AXS with that goal. Every component has been refined to create an effortless ride. It’s not just the lightest electronic groupset ever, its 153 grams lighter than the previous generation.; we’ve redeveloped the controls for smooth, low-effort braking and comfortable ergonomics for the widest range of hand sizes.

This generation of RED also has faster and more precise front shifting, fully wireless connectivity, and expanded gearing choices to fit a wide array of riding styles and needs. Every feature, from accurate and reliable power measurement to
new shift points, helps create an effortless experience so your energy goes into your ride.

Hammerhead Karoo
The Hammerhead Karoo cycling computer represents the pinnacle of innovation, design, and performance. The stunning screen, premium materials, and all-day battery life combine to make Karoo a cycling computer without compromise. Easy to use in every condition thanks to thoughtful hardware and software design, Karoo allows you to focus on the road - and the ride - instead of your equipment.

Shifter/Brakes Left and Right RED AXS
True one-finger braking is at hand. SRAM have overhauled their hood and lever architecture and achieved breakthroughs for fit across all hand sizes and easy access to powerful and smooth, easy braking from anywhere on the bar. Truly independent reach and contact point adjustment allow for highly personalised setup, with no risk of pinching your fingers or bottoming out on the bar no matter your settings.

Better finger wrap on the hood means less fatigue on long days, and Bonus Buttons let you shift or control ANT+ devices with your thumbs.
All that and we still managed to remove 83 g. The calliper is not only stiffer, but lighter too, with phenomenal pad clearance for rub-free operation.

Rear DerailleurRED AXS 36T
The heart of the AXS ecosystem is lighter, more efficient, and more capable than ever. Covering cassette ranges from 10-28T up to 10-36T, this wireless wonder has larger pulleys to increase drivetrain efficiency, and an Orbit fluid damper to keep everything in place over the rough stuff. One derailleur ready for 1x or 2x, on road or off.

Front Derailleur RED AXS
Not just fast and reliable front shifts, but silent running across the whole cassette. The RED AXS front derailleur uses Yaw technology with electronic trim to ensure the fastest possible shift while eliminating chain rub in all combinations, with the easiest setup around, thanks to a brilliant new tool.

Chain RED 114
SRAM took the lightest and most durable chain we’ve ever made and made it lighter. With no compromises. Their HollowPin construction is lighter and stronger than a solid pin, and cutouts in the outer and inner plates drop 13g from the previous generation. Can a chain really be lighter, faster, stronger and more durable than anything else? This one is.

Rotors Paceline X 160-160
SRAM took their smoothest and quietest brake track and gave it the lightest aluminium carrier we’ve made yet. Push your limits at speed knowing the Paceline X Rotor will be there to stop you.

Groupset Includes
Hammerhead Karoo
Rear derailleur
Front Derailleur
Shift-Brake Controls
Disc Brake Calipers
Rotors x 2
Battery Charger
Battery x 2