• SimWorks Human Mushroom Bottle 22oz
  • SimWorks Human Mushroom Bottle 22oz


SimWorks Human Mushroom Bottle 22oz


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Sometimes you feel like you’re an alien on your home planet. But you’re not separate from nature; you’re made of all the same stuff as every other creature here on Mother Earth. Underneath this layer of technology, you’re still an earthling! 

Most technology is designed to protect humans from the discomfort of life on earth. A bicycle is unique because it facilitates conscious engagement with the environment. Riding your bike can make you feel a profound sense of connection to the natural world – have you ever felt kinship with a skittering jackrabbit on the trail or a swooping red-tailed hawk in the sky as you both glided gracefully through the air? 

You exist at the margin of technology and the great messy chaos of biology. Even now, reading the words on this screen, you are a beautiful and wild component of this marvelous ecosystem. You have more in common with a mushroom than with a microchip. Someday you’ll be compost and the flowers and fungi will grow from your decomposing form. But for now, you’re alive on this magical planet. Take three deep breaths, drink some water, and go ride your bike.


Capacity :22oz (624ml) / 26oz (769ml)

Base :Specialized "Purist" BPA Free Bottle

Origin :Made in USA