• Silca Chain Waxing System


Silca Chain Waxing System


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*System comes with an AUS Plug.

Elevate your chain waxing game to the next level with the SILCA Chain Waxing System. A 600ml wax warmer, drip stand, and cable coupler takes up less space and keeps all the wax drips back in the pot to prevent wasted wax. The Ultimate Chain Waxing System is your compact at-home kit for immersive waxing of chains.

The wax warmer, drip stand, and cable coupler are included to make you ready-to-roll for having the cleanest, quietest and most efficient drivetrain possible. The wax melter has a vented clear lid to retain heat while being able to verify the wax is fully melted. Perfect companion for StripChip to wax your chain in a single, no degreaser, step. The chain hanging stand allows for a no mess drying period where you can allow excess wax to drip right back into the pot to use for the next application. The notched base retains the melter in place and holds the chain coupler securely in place. The chain coupler has a steel cable that is threaded on one side allowing it to be looped through your chain and secured on the other side. Dip your chain in the wax, agitate, and hang all without getting wax anywhere you don't want it or touching a pot of hot wax. Cable Coupler Drip Stand Electric Wax Warmer 600ml wax capacity Temperature Range: 75-125ºC.

Simple Application: Integrated seamlessly with the SILCA Super Secret Chain Blend Hot Melt Wax, StripChip ensures a straightforward application process. Follow easy steps for optimal results, making chain maintenance simple and hassle-free. Optimized Performance: StripChip works best with SILCA Super Secret Chain Blend Hot Melt Wax, ensuring the fastest and longest-wearing drivetrain. Experience enhanced performance, reduced friction, and minimized wear with every ride. Specifications Oleogelation wax based formula Eliminates the need for harsh degreasers Use one chip per new chain with factory grease Turns the grease into a wax like substance No drop in performance Go from chain in factory package to waxed chain in 10 minutes.