• Silca Disc Wheel Pump Head


Silca Disc Wheel Pump Head


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When you race with a disc wheel, you're going to need a 90-degree pump adapter to access your valve with a standard pump. The Silca Presta adapter is an excellent option for PUSHYS disc cover users. Manufactured in 6066-T6 aluminium it literally blew the field away by posting a blow-off pressure of 393 psi, more than 3X the pressure achieved by any competing design.
This product also includes Silca's new high-tech 252 Elastomeric internal gasket which utilises a high tech, fully synthetic Elastomer base material rather than the black carbon-filled natural rubber of previous gaskets. With a life expectancy of more than 5 times the carbon-filled rubber or Buna-N materials used previously this unique, bright-red gasket mates with a new compression head design allowing the user to tighten the gasket fit by nearly 200% by simply tightening the cap.

• Boasts a blow-off pressure of 393 psi (more than 3X the pressure achieved by any competing design)

• Manufactured in 6066-T6 aluminium

• Threads into any Schrader pump head

• Can only be used to inflate Presta valves

• Fits all Presta valve types in all disc wheels

• Exclusive CompressionHead design can tighten gasket over 200% by simply tightening cap

• Compression-Head allows you to adjust fit for even the most worn Presta valves

• True no-holding disc inflation on ALL style Presta valves including threaded stems

• Full metal construction, no plastic parts to wear or fail

• Available only in BLACK

• Made in USA