• Shimano ST-RX825 Shift-Brake Lever L.H / BR-RX820 Rear Disc Brake
  • Shimano ST-RX825 Shift-Brake Lever L.H / BR-RX820 Rear Disc Brake
  • Shimano ST-RX825 Shift-Brake Lever L.H / BR-RX820 Rear Disc Brake


Shimano ST-RX825 Shift-Brake Lever L.H / BR-RX820 Rear Disc Brake



Shimano GRX Di2 ST-RX825 Shifters (w/ BR-RX820 Calipers) feature a wireless gravel-specific cockpit where raised hoods with ribbed surface texture and anti-slip brake levers provide ultimate hand security no matter how spicy the ride gets. That secure hand position is enhanced with the location of the third Di2 button on the inside of the hood. Whether used as another shift location or for scrolling through screens on a cycle computer, this third button is another way to fully experience Shimano's electronic Di2 system.

The new dual control levers also employ a gravel-optimized body shape cross-section for seamless integration with flared handlebars. Rounder in shape, the transfer from handlebar to hood is smoother and creates a larger surface area to help eliminate pressure points.

Like its 12-speed Di2 siblings, the new GRX Di2 system is wired where it makes sense, featuring a central, multi-port battery (not included) that supplies stable, long-lasting power to both front and rear derailleurs. Smaller diameter wires (not included) connect directly from the battery to each derailleur, eliminating the need for junctions and streamlining the build process. The central internal battery also simplifies charging and remains secure over the roughest roads, trails, or whatever less traveled path a rider may choose.

The GRX BR-R820 disc brake caliper brings a new level of control to gravel cycling with enhanced modulation and a quicker initial braking point. And despite its smaller construction, the system is quieter and easier to maintain.


Using Shimano's E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist application, riders can choose between different gear shift intervals for multi-shift, customize shift button assignment (what buttons perform which functions), program different automatic shift modes like Synchronized and Semi-Synchronized shifts, and fine-tune shifting.

Shimano's new FRONT SHIFT NEXT functionality lets you utilize E-TUBE PROJECT to program any 12-speed Di2 button to shift the front derailleur to whichever chainring you are not currently using and then toggle back and forth using the same button. The result is simpler, more intuitive shifting for less-experienced riders and quicker decision-making for veteran riders in the heat of competition.

Along with dramatically simplifying the gear-changing process, Shimano FRONT SHIFT NEXT can also free up other switches to handle tasks such as moving through multiple screens on a paired cycle computer, turning on and off compatible lights, or hitting the "lap" button on your cycle computer so you can keep your hands securely in place, even during your hardest efforts.


  • Wireless Di2 Connectivity
  • 2x12-Speed Dual-Control Lever
  • Gravel-specific brake lever and bracket ergonomics
  • New flared drop bar optimization
  • Anti-slip coating on brake lever surface
  • Three Di2 buttons per lever for E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist customization
  • Replaceable coin cell batteries (2 CR1632) with expected lifespan of 3.5 to 4 years
  • 10% wider pad clearance decreases brake noise
  • Maintenance-friendly bleeding process
  • Flat Mount
  • Levers: 415g /pair
  • Calipers: 146g (Front) 136 g (Rear)