• Shimano PD-EH500 Dual Sided Pedals


Shimano PD-EH500 Dual Sided Pedals


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Shimano SPD/Flat Dual Side Pedals - PD-EH500

One of Shimano’s most versatile pedals yet, the PD-EH500 gives the best of flat and SPD. Whether you’re feeling like running the SPD’s one day and flats the next. These pedals by Shimano enable you to have both at the tips of your toes. • One side SPD, the other side flat


• Light action binding makes frequent stepping-in & out easier
• Better grip on flat side for wet condition
• Convenient road touring pedal
• Optimized for urban riding
• Multi-condition
• Best match with CT or MT shoes

• Model: PD-EH500
• Series: Shimano
• Colour: Dark Grey
• Average weight: 383 g
• Remarks: Light action
• Binding: Single Sided
• Cleat included: SM-SH56
• Other Compatible Cleats: SM-SH51
• Pedal Type: Multi-purpose (SPD/Flat)
• Compatible Reflector: SM-PD68