• Ridley Kanzo Adventure Rival 11
  • Ridley Kanzo Adventure Rival 11
  • Ridley Kanzo Adventure Rival 11
  • Ridley Kanzo Adventure Rival 11
  • Ridley Kanzo Adventure Rival 11
  • Ridley Kanzo Adventure Rival 11
  • Ridley Kanzo Adventure Rival 11
  • Ridley Kanzo Adventure Rival 11


Ridley Kanzo Adventure Rival 11


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Our new Kanzo Adventure is a gravel bike for real adventurers. It’s the perfect tool to escape the crowds and find your way off the beaten track. Whether it’s a day trip over new paths in your backyard, a multiple day bike packing trip or an ultra cycling race: the Kanzo Adventure does it all. It’s our most adventurous bike yet.

The geometry of the Kanzo Adventure is progressive. This gravel bike has a Kanzo Optimized Geometry (KOG), which means that the geometry has been tuned to the intended use of the bike. The Kanzo Adventure’s geometry is similar to that of a mountain bike. slacker head tube angle, a lower bottom bracket, a longer wheelbase and a steeper seat tube angle. The slacker head tube angle lengthens the wheelbase and gives the bike more confidence. Yet, the Kanzo Adventure is kept responsive by using a shorter stem. This way the bike gives enough trust to conquer endless mountain passes and shred unexpected single tracks while still being able to steer fast and aggressive on the most technical offroad sections.

With the maximum tire clearance of 53mm or 29x2.1” the Kanzo Adventure offers enough comfort and space to go on adventures on any terrain. Even with wide tires there’s plenty of space around the bottom bracket and fork crown for extremely muddy conditions. The Kanzo Adventure feels at home on all surfaces: from smooth gravel with a narrower tire set-up to rougher terrain which, until now, you would only dare tackle with your mountain bike. Here too the Kanzo Adventure offers unrivalled flexibility to adapt your setup to the terrain of your next adventure.

A multitude of riding styles comes with a multitude of luggage set-ups. The design team made sure you’ve got plenty of possibilities for the perfect setup during your next ride on the Kanzo Adventure. Use the twenty mounting points for bottle cages, a tool kit, mudguards, cargo cages, fork bags, top tube bags and more. We used the F-steerer technology for the Kanzo Adventure in order to hide all cables in the frame. This makes it easier to attach bags to the frame and prevents possible damage to the bike. With the possibility to add a hub dynamo and a suspension fork, the Kanzo Adventure is extremely versatile and ready for anything.


#DestinationUnknown? Not a problem. The Kanzo Adventure is the perfect partner in crime for all your next level gravel adventures.

Hidden Top Tube Mounting Points

The recessed top tube mounts combined with the flush fitting cover result in hidden mounting points when the mounts are not used. No bolt head sticking out to clutter the sleek looking top tube profile. 

A spacer is provided to fill the recess when using a top tube bag. This spacer also doubles as a strap mount so that you can strap various accessories to the top tube. 

Integrated cable routing rear light

The frame offers the possibility to route the cable for a rear light internally inside the top tube where it will exit near the the seattube. At the same time these cable ports are nicely hidden so when not using them, you will hardly notice them on your frame.

Ridley Elite Carbon

Our carbon is manufactured by world market leader: Toray. The Japanese manufacturer is leader in every aspect of carbon development and supplier to absolute top world brands in many industries. For the Elite Series, we use every type of available carbon: 60T, 50T, 30T and 24T.

The higher the 'Ton', the higher the tensile strength of the carbon fibers and the more intensive the development and processing. With 60T, you may need fewer layers of carbon to achieve the desired stiffness as well as the lightest possible bike, but if you built the whole frame with 60T you'd have a very uncomfortable, over-responsive ride. Hence, a mix of 24T, 30T, 50T and 60T carbon is essential as each carbon serves a certain purpose in perfectly balancing stiffness, weight and comfort.

Each bike's unique carbon mix is dependent on its purpose, such as climbing, endurance, etc. In addition, each area of each frame requires its own unique mix depending on its function such as to provide comfort or stiffness. It is here, in the unique carbon compositions, where Ridley makes the difference!

As all our professional teams ride our Ridley Elite Series bikes - including the likes of Tim Wellens, Caleb Ewan or Thomas De Gendt, this means that your bike is treated with the exact same care as theirs.

Kanzo Specific Tire Clearance

The tire clearance of a frame is determined by the use and terrain for which the frame is designed. An AllRoad gravel bike is designed for mixed use on paved and unpaved roads. Adventure gravel bikes have to be able to tackle more extreme terrain as you never know what trails you will encounter. This means that different frames will have a different tire clearance.

Kanzo Optimized Geometry

The geometry of a bike has to support the scope of the bike. The geometry determines how a bike will handle, react. Different terrains, different riding styles require a different handling. That’s why Ridley has developped a specific geometry for each Kanzo model. An adventure gravel bike needs a stable, confidence inspiring geometry while an aero  gravel bike needs to react directly to the input of the rider. Choose your terrain and use and pick the bike that suits you best.

Mudguard Mounts

The frame and fork have mounts to assemble mudguards to protect you against the rain and dirt of the road. The mudguards will convert your bike in a perfect winter bike or commuter bike.

Bikepacking Optimized Frame Mounts

The frame has different mounts on the downtube, under the downtube and the seattube. Depending on the frame model, this can be 2, 3 or 4 mounts. These mounts will give you the opportunity to adapt your setup to the use of the bike: position your bottles in combination with a frame bag, using a toolmount in combination with a bottlecage. We have spent a lot of time to determine the optimal position for these mounts on the frame so you can optimize your personal setup

Bikepacking Optimized Fork Mounts

The fork has different mounts to take mudguards and different types of bottle cages, cargo cages or a lowrider. This gives you plenty of options to position your luggage on the bike. They are also positioned as low as possible to keep the center of gravity low. This improves also the handling of bike when fully packed.

Internal Dynamo Routing

The fork is equipped with internal cable routing for a dynamo hub. No more hassle with tape or tie-wraps to guide the cable from the dynamo hub to the front light as the cable is now nicely hidden inside the forkleg.