• ProBolt Titanium Socket Cap Bolt
  • ProBolt Titanium Socket Cap Bolt
  • ProBolt Titanium Socket Cap Bolt

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ProBolt Titanium Socket Cap Bolt


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Pro-Bolt Fasteners – Supreme Quality you can Trust We are the leading supplier of high quality nuts, bolts, washers and motorcycle accessories and bolt kits.  Pro-Bolt has supplied the motorcycle industry for 20 years including Racing Teams in MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3, World Superbikes, British Superbikes.  

Our products include a huge range of bolt kits in Aluminium, Stainless Steel & Titanium – our bolts are aimed at the Motorsport Industry, we have flanged hex heads bolts, pre-drilled race spec, tapered socket cap, dome head, countersunk & bodywork bolts.  

In addition we have thousands of models of motorcycles pre-measured enabling you to upgrade your fasteners easily – these include Engine, Fairing, Screen, Caliper, Front Axle Pinch, Sub-frame, Disc Bolts, Sprocket Nuts and much more.  

Pro-Bolt’s products are everywhere -in space on satellites, in the sky on helicopters & UAVs, at sea and in homes.  A wide range of industries benefit from the various qualities of our materials – colour customisation, corrosion resistance, highly polished good looks and superb weight savings. 

The head of this unusual design tapers toward the Allen Key drive to offer sleek, streamlined good looks whilst weighing an incredible 40% lighter than steel and with rolled threads for extra strength these bolts are a must have.

Please note that coloured titanium is not identical to our Aluminium range.

Material: Titanium Grade 5

Product Type: Bolt

Head Style: Tapered Socket Cap

Thread Diameter: 5mm

Thread Pitch: 0.80mm

Thread Length: 10mm, 20mm

Head Diameter: 8.5mm

Head Height: 5mm

Length: 12mm

Allen Key Size: 4mm

Pack Quantity: 1