• PRO Vibe Alloy Seat Post


PRO Vibe Alloy Seat Post


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Description Strong, durable and low in weight the PRO Vibe Alloy Seatpost is a great choice for your race-specific road bike. It offers a clean, aesthetic look and delivers optimal aerodynamic performance. Improved race times are sure to follow.

Comfort & Adjustability
For the benefit of all cyclists every PRO component comes with the combined expertise of professional riders and leading engineers. The amount of flex in a seatpost determines the comfort of your ride. PRO Vibe seatposts have the right amount of stiffness to ensure maximum power transfer without diminishing comfort levels. This one is made from strong 3D forged AL-2014 Aluminium, has a 27.2mm diameter and features a 20mm offset. Its compact single-bolt wedge clamp system offers a generous amount of saddle angle adjustability to help you get the fit which is just right for you.

3D Forged AL-2014
This is an aluminium-based alloy often used in the aerospace industry and is easily machined in certain tempers. It is described as having high hardness and rates very well among the strongest available aluminium alloys.

DI2 Battery Integration
The only way to give your Shimano Di2 equipped bike the PRO Vibe package upgrade with this seatpost is through the use of a Rubber BTR Holder. Those wanting to more thoroughly integrate the Di2 battery in a secure and easy way should consider the PRO Vibe Carbon Fibre Seatpost instead.

. PRO Vibe lightweight race-specific seatpost . 3D forged AL-2014 Aluminium construction . Innovative 1 bolt clamping system . Handy height-indicator on the shaft rear for quick setup . Low in weight and high in stiffness . Ensures maximum power transfer & rider comfort . Not configured for Shimano Di2 battery integration . Clean and aesthetic looks . Optimal aerodynamic performance

Specifications . Material: Alloy (3D forged AL-2014 Aluminium) . Finish: Matt & Gloss Finish . Length: 350mm . Diameter: 27.2mm / 31.6mm. Setback: 0mm / 20mm Offset . Torque: 13Nm . Weight: 230g . Clamp Construction: 1 Bolt Wedge Clamp . Di2 Battery Compatible: No (YES with Rubber BTR Holder) . Country of Manufacture: Taiwan