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Praxis Buzz Road Rings


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Premium quality Praxis Works chainrings designed specifically to be compatible with both 5-arm and 4-arm w/hidden 5th road cranks. ..... Amazing right??!! ..... and that's why Praxis are so incredibly proud of what they've achieved with their range of Buzz Double Chainring Sets. These new, One-Shot, Cold Forged manufactured Buzz rings also incorporate LevaTime® shifting technology making them the fastest-shifting rings available. Made with hard anodised 7075 T6 aluminium this double chainring set (with 110 Bolt Circle Diameter) comprises a 50T chainring and a smaller 34T ring, each having cold forged tooth profiles for greater strength and durability. To keep things clean, the larger ring comes with a plug to place in the threaded hole you’re not using. Compatibility • Suits traditional 5-arm road cranks • Fits 4-arm with hidden 5th arm (SRAM EXOgram) road cranks • Di2, EPS, or eTap shifting systems compatibility assured • InfoCrank, Power2Max, SRM, and Quarq power meter compatible • Pairs well with 10/11sp chains by Shimano™, Campy, SRAM & KMC • Fully compatible with THM, Rotor, Cannondale, Specialized, LOOK and FSA cranks • Good to go with SRAM "Yaw" Front Derailleur

Not compatible with Campy cranks due to their proprietary bolt pattern Not compatible with Shimano Ultra 6800/DA9000 cranks and their new custom asymmetrical BCD Installation Praxis Works chainring sets are as easy to mount as any other chainring. The only small difference is the short or long catch pin and placement. Just align one of the two pin holes with the crank and then select the long pin if it will fit, or if not use the short pin. After installing the pin you can then grease and mount your chainring bolts. As with all threads, and metal-on-metal interfaces, it is highly recommended you use high quality grease for this task.


Chain Pin The trick to being multi-compatible is the two placements options for the catch-pin. The chainrings come with both a long and short catch pin supplied which can be located at either end of the chainring depending on the cranks they are going on and how thick the arms is.

Cold Forged All Praxis Works road chainrings are created with a superior manufacturing process which cold forges 7075 T6 aluminium chainrings with more tooth detail than ever before and also allows them to manipulate the ring shape too. The "One-Shot" forging process delivers a harder/tougher overall chainring tooth surface for added durability and also allows for more shifting features to be added to the ring than traditional CNC manufacturing allows. Individual tooth profiles, alternating tooth angles, timed ramps and tactically placed shift elevators are all jam packed onto the Praxis Buzz ring. With the cooperation of some of the most cutting-edge forging presses in the world Praxis are now creating one of the most durable and consistent shifting rings ever produced for cyclists. Fun Fact: The forging machine used to produce a Praxis 32t mountain ring is 2 stories in height and uses over 1000 tons to complete the task.

LevaTime™ Chainrings employing the LevaTime™ shifting blueprint feature several shift pins placed strategically at points on the ring to provide a perfectly timed lift. Synchronized ramps are tuned with a specific inner ring, providing a clean channel for the chain to move upwards. Each individual tooth is sculpted to handle a specific duty. Along with that, precisely located scallops help to control chain movement and prevent chain suck.


SHIMANO -Fully compatible with both Di2 and mechanical Shimano 10/11/12sp.
SRAM -Fully compatible with both e-Tap and mechanical SRAM/AXS 10/11/12sp.
CAMPY -Fully compatible with both EPS and mechanical Campy 10/11/12sp.
Please see Dropdown menu for each specific sets compatibility.


These 110BCD and 130BCD sets are compatible with spider-based power meters such as Power2Max, SRM and Quarq
Except the 48/32 set as per note below.

48/32 NOTE!
Do NOT install our 48/32 on any crank/spider that does not have machined clearance on bolt tabs.
Praxis 110BCD spiders have special tabs required for safe chain clearance/installation. This design allows our 48/32 set to be installed on our Praxis 110BCD cranks in conjunction with our custom ring bolts.
Our spider tab design is also used by Cane Creek, Bingham and Specialized. (So visually inspect your spider first!)
You *CANNOT* install our 48/32 110BCD spider based power meters such as Power2Max, SRM or Quarq.


NOT for installation on Campagnolo compact chainrings for "hidden 5th arm" use a proprietary 110/112mm BCD