• Praxis BB30/PF30 M30 Thru Bottom Bracket


Praxis BB30/PF30 M30 Thru Bottom Bracket


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Praxis has been making high precision, high-performance bottom brackets for years and this is no exception. Praxis provides a clean, smooth and even pedalling experience, their patented Rubber collet system means that when tightening, pressure is spread over the entire shell ensuring their trademark smoothness.

Style: Thread Together Shell. Non-drive side cup is pressed in and the drive side cup threads into it for a secure and creak free fit.

Shell Width: 73mm BB30 or PF30 MTB frame.

Spindle Size (Diameter): 30mm.

Spindle Length: 108mm or longer

Bearing Style: Cartridge - 30mm drive and non-drive

Bearing cup material: Forged and machined Alloy.

Tools Needed:

  • BB press for non-drive side cup
  • Praxis M30 BB tools to thread in drive side cup.
  • Requires 2x Praxis M30 tools for correct installation and removal - Available Here

Crank compatibility: Praxis provides 2mm dust covers for each side as a base setup, but every brand has its own specific crank setup. You may need additional spacers depending on your brand of cranks. So please follow your brand's instructions. 

  • Praxis Lyft
  • Race Face Cinch 30mm
  • Rotor 3D+
  • SRAM PF30/386EVO
  • Cane Creek 30mm