• Parcours Rear Disc Wheel - Classified Powershift


Parcours Rear Disc Wheel - Classified Powershift


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Introducing the world's first Powershift-ready disc wheel - the Parcours x Classified  Disc².  This cutting-edge wheel and drivetrain configuration sets a new standard in performance and has already been proven by athletes on the world stage. Combining class leading aerodynamics from the Disc ² wheel together with Classified’s innovative Powershift technology resulting in the most efficient race setup ever engineered.

Note: the wheel is delivered without a Classified Powershift hub unit which is available separately. The Powershift unit is required to complete the wheel setup.

As part of the Aerodynamics Lab range, the Parcours x Classified Disc² comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Depth: full carbon disc
  • Width: 30.5mm (max external)
  • Internal rim width: 22.5mm hooked
  • Classified Powershift-ready hub shell
  • Centerlock
  • Rear: 1,190g
  • Min: 25mm
  • Optimal: 28-30mm
  • Max: 45mm