• Nimbl Feat Ultimate Road Shoes - White


Nimbl Feat Ultimate Road Shoes - White


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For the FEAT ULTIMATE, we have taken shoe stiffness and foot stability to a new level by introducing a new feature: the Carbon Power Strap which keeps your feet firmly in position. With it being manufactured in carbon fiber, it is obviously stiffer than any other material adding to the stability of your feet and thereby your power transfer efficiency. Conclusively, the single dial closure system enables on-the-fly adjustment just before you sprint to the finish line.

Dan Bigham, performance manager at the Ineos Grenadiers and former world record holder selected, after numerous aero tests with multiple shoes from different brands, nimbl as his shoe partner: “I chose nimbl shoes for the hour record attempt as real world, track and wind tunnel testing showed that nimbl shoes were aerodynamically superior to all other shoes tested – they delivered 200 meter extra during 1 hour at 55kph. We have worked with the nimbl team to push its design further, resulting in a pair of shoes that rendered a further 200 meter gain. A unique accomplishment that goes beyond a ‘marginal gain’.

ULTIMATELY LightIn general, nimbl shoes are substantially lighter than their peers. With the ULTIMATE line, we have taken lightweight construction to a whole new level. From the development of the AIR ULTIMATE, we learned quite a few tricks to make ultra-light shoes. These learnings are now translated into the FEAT ULTIMATE. The result: a sub-200 gram high-performance product.