• Nimbl Air Ultimate Road Shoe - White


Nimbl Air Ultimate Road Shoe - White


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We are short of superlatives. At 165 gram (true weight in size 42!), the AIR ULTIMATE are amongst the lightest shoes on the market, yet they are built around the ultra-stiff carbon chassis, nimbl is known for. The consequential unmatched pedal efficiency make the AIR ULTIMATE the tool for climbers and other lightweight fetishists alike looking for a noticeable performance edge in a lace-up model. Thoroughly tested in the World Tour, we present you the AIR ULTIMATE.


We have gone to great lengths to shave off further weight from the AIR without sacrificing performance. By applying the learnings from the ULTIMATE, translating them to the AIR model, and then taking it to further extremes, we have been able to create lace up shoes that are amongst the lightest performance shoes for everyday use at 165 gram in size 42.
The AIR ULTIMATE are manufactured in laboratory like circumstances, hence by nature of the production process, the AIR ULTIMATE are amongst the most exclusive shoes available on the market today.