• Muc-Off Sealant And Glue Remover 200ml


Muc-Off Sealant And Glue Remover 200ml


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Easily Removes Rim Tape Glue, Sealant Or Tubular Glue Residue MUC-OFF GLUE & SEALANT REMOVER is all you need if you want to remove rim tape glue, sealant or tubular glue residue from inside rims (and many other surfaces) prior to applying Muc-Off Tubeless Rim Tape. Simple Shake And Soak Application Application is very simple. Simply give the can a good shake and apply it to half the wheel, allowing the spray to soak into the leftover glue and sealant for at least 10 minutes. After that, treat the other half of the rim and while it's soaking up the spray you can get stuck into wiping the first half clean with your Muc-Off Microfibre Cloth (sold separately). Safe To Use On Most Metal, Plastic & Carbon Fibre Surfaces This non-aggressive proprietary formula won't damage your expensive rims and is safe to use on most metal, alloy, plastic and carbon fibre surfaces. Taking just 20-30mins per wheel this aerosol spray formula is so easy to use you'll laugh in the face of stubborn rim tape glue and dried-on tyre sealant from now on.