• Look Keo Blade Power Dual Powermeter
  • Look Keo Blade Power Dual Powermeter


Look Keo Blade Power Dual Powermeter


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Every watt counts, both under your shoes and on your computer. By integrating accurate power meters in our latest generation of carbon pedals, we have created the Keo Blade Power Dual. Easy fitting, lightest weight ever (260g a pair), maximum contact area and perfect aerodynamics: they provide outstanding performance as well as the option of analysing your pedalling data in real-time. Train with precision and improve your performance with the best you can buy.

  • Dual power transducers for accurate, comprehensive data.
  • Quick and easy installation in 30 seconds.
  • Lightweight, aerodynamic pedals with unrivalled performance.
  • Best-in-class integration, ergonomics, durability and connectivity.
  • Robust mechanical and electronic architecture.

100% Integrated Electronics
Cutting-edge design, electronic components directly integrated within the pedal axle and many test miles out on the road have enabled us to develop an even more reliable power meter. Capable of withstanding shocks and extreme weather conditions, our pedals have sailed through even the toughest of tests with flying colours. We are so confident in our product that we offer up to 3 years of warranty cover.

Spindle material: Power
Technology: Blade
Body material: Carbon
Platform area: 705 mm²
Platform width: 64 mm
Retention: Carbon Blade
Cleats: KEO cleat
Stack height + cleats: 17.1mm ( 10.8 + 6.3 mm )