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Lezyne Controll Drive Co2

Lezyne Controll Drive Co2

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A compact, 100% CNC machined aluminium CO2 inflator. The Control Valve allows the user to easily control how much CO2 you discharge at once with a twist open/close function. The Twin Chuck head threads directly onto Presta and Schrader valves. It is compatible with threaded CO2 cartridges only and comes with an anti-freeze jacket to protect hands during inflation.

  • Weight: 26g
  • Aluminium Construction: Aluminium, a strong, light weight, and durable material, is used to make various precision CO2 inflator components.
  • CNC machined aluminum parts for precise and durable construction
  • Slip Fit: Presta only head slips over valve for fast engagement and inflation
  • Control Valve: Twist on/off valve operation function that provides the user complete and easy control over how much CO2 they discharge at a time