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  • KOO Open Cube Glasses
  • KOO Open Cube Glasses


KOO Open Cube Glasses

$289 $200

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• Open frame
• Single lens
• Ventilated lens
• Innovative folding pivot
• Adjustable folding nose piece
• Easily-removable interchangeable lenses
• Micrometrical Arms Adjustment

Innovative folding pivot

An innovative folding pivot to store and fold your KOO sunglasses with ease

Adjustable folding nose piece

A soft rubber nose-pad with two adjustable positions for a customised fit, an extra nose bridge will also come as standard in the packaging

Easily-removable interchangeable lenses

The optics can be quickly swapped out by simply sliding them in and out of the frame.

Micrometrical Arms Adjustment

The lenses can be tilted at three different angles to adjust the position so everyone can maintain the clearest lens possible in all weathers.

The flexible temples improve the fitting without interfering with comfort.

Ventilated Lens

With added ventilation, KOO Open Cube ensure the rider’s vision is always crystal clear.

ZEISS Technology

Ensuring a superb, uncompromised vision is our number-one commitment. This is why KOO sunglasses boast a set of interchangeable lenses manufactured by the legendary brand Zeiss® according to the highest quality standards, using the most durable materials and featuring an advanced colour technology for excellent clarity in all light conditions.