• Giro Raes Techlace Womens Road Shoes - Black 39


Giro Raes Techlace Womens Road Shoes - Black 39

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The new Raes™ Techlace™ shoe from Giro lets you have everything. It's a stunning road shoe that features the comfort of laces and the convenience of a strap. The Techlace system replaces D-rings and other hardware associated with laces, and provides a more supple feel across the forefoot. These laces can also be easily repaired if damaged. The Boa L6 dial offers 1mm adjustment stages when tightening. In regards to its construction, the Raes Techlace has been built with a lightweight, beathable bonded and welded upper and an Easton EC70 carbon composite outsole. Inside the shoe, we find Giro's SuperNatural Fit footbed, which features adjustable arch support with your personalisation of fit, comfort and pedalling efficiency in mind.


Evofiber™ takes the best attributes of mesh and microfibre, and fuses them into a single fabric that repels water and improves breathability throughout the shoe. By eliminating the extra seams and adhesives required to insert mesh panels, the durability, comfort and weight of Giro shoes can all be dramatically improved. Evofiber™ also holds shape exceptionally well, and is fast drying and easy to clean.

MR-1 buckle

The patent-pending MR-1 buckle is truly micro-adjustable in tension and release, allowing two-way adjustment in 2mm increments by simply pulling up to tighten the strap or depressing the lever to release it. It also features a quick macro-release for easy removal of the shoe. The design allows grit to be cleared easily for reliable function on- and off-road, and it has an exceptionally low stack height, reducing the likelihood of damage.

Easton® Carbon Composite Outsole

Unidirectional carbon fibre outsole is engineered to provide a direct connection with the pedal, thanks to class-leading stiffness that puts full effort into forward motion

Supernatural fit system

A superb fit, with adjustable arch support to help optimise comfort and enhance pedalling efficiency.