• Giant Propel Advanced Pro 0 AXS 2023 - Black Currant


Giant Propel Advanced Pro 0 AXS 2023 - Black Currant


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Now even faster, this aero rocket ship is built for speed when it matters most. The reengineered frame-set is even more adept at slicing through wind, and it’s also lighter than the previous generation. The result? Race-winning efficiency that’s hard to beat.Key performance factors integrated aerodynamics

AeroSystem Shaping, a result of CFD analysis and dynamic wind-tunnel testing, optimises aerodynamic performance at every yaw angle. The truncated ellipse airfoil tube shapes and Contact SLR/SL Aero cockpit produce the best overall aero performance.

Easier adjustability
All-new cable routing through the handlebar and frame makes it quicker and easier to adjust or change cockpit components and fine-tune performance and riding position.

Race-winning efficiency
Advanced-grade composite frameset features high-performance materials and proprietary manufacturing processes. As a result, it’s now lighter than the previous generation for an improved stiffness-to-weight ratio.

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