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Ergon Grips GA3


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With the Ergon GA3 lock-on, the winged grip has made it into the All-Mountain world! The winged-grip concept combines all the relief benefits of actively supporting your wrist with the freedom of movement and the accompanying bike control. Based on the well-known GA1 and GA2 Grips, the GA3 was developed as an extension of the GA grip series, offering even more comfort on the trail and helping to prevent hand numbness and pain during long stints on the bike. The GA3 also works perfectly on fitness or sporty urban bikes.

Who's this item for: Suitable for all kinds of riding where you spend a lot of time pedalling in a seated position. 

Mounting style: These are a single clamp lock-on grip.

Material: The grips make use of a super-soft, UV stable rubber compound that is exclusively manufactured in Germany for Ergon.

Pattern: The grip shape and pattern are ergonomically designed to match the shape of the hand. They feature flexible wings to aid with hand and wrist support and require less gripping force to hang on.

Features: Right and left specific grips that are ergonomically designed to match the shape of the hand and feature a subtle wing to provide greater support for the palm. Single clamp lock-on grip with an inboard aluminium clamp.

Also available in a Grip Shift version that features a shorter right grip and a full-length left grip with a 30mm diameter.

Soft / firm: Super soft rubber compound developed and manufactured in Germany.

End caps: The grip surface extends all the way to the outer edge of the grips with a fully integrated grip end connected to the inner core. There are no end caps.

Diameter: Available in either small (30mm) or large (32mm) diameters. 

Length: 136mm