• Chris King R45 CL Disc Front Hub
  • Chris King R45 CL Disc Front Hub
  • Chris King R45 CL Disc Front Hub

Chris King

Chris King R45 CL Disc Front Hub


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It’s our job to make the best riding hubs in the industry, and 100mm x 12mm front hubs are THE standard for road disc and gravel bikes, so we poured our hearts and souls, not to mention an awful lot of engineering, into this hub. We’re proud of it.


We already said it was the best, but everybody says that. Our R45 Centerlock™ hubs pair a lightweight hub body with our legendary, made-in-house bearings. The result rolls better, lasts longer, and looks way more handsome than anything else out there.

The stiffness of our one-piece axle translates to laser-precise bike handling. This hub also comes in one million (actually a handful) of cool colors.

Our bearings, both steel and ceramic, have heat-treated, surgical grade steel races that are machined simultaneously to ensure perfect matching. The quality and speed of our bearings is what you will feel (and hear) on every ride. As Chris King bearing tracks burnish they get actually get faster. A little bit of regular love (i.e. service) will keep this hub rolling for years upon years of demanding use.

  • Engineered, manufactured, and assembled in Portland Oregon

  • Legendary made-in-house bearings

  • King Lifetime Warranty

  • 100mm x 12mm thru axle

  • Easily serviceable and completely re-buildable with our R45 Hub Service Tool

  • Ceramic bearing upgrade available

  • Available in 24, 28, and 32 hole drillings

  • Available in Matte finish


Axle Width: 100mm

Flange Diameter DS & NDS: 57.4mm

Center to Flange DS: 30.6mm

Center to Flange NDS: 22.3mm