• Carbon-Ti X-CarboCam EVO 110x4 BCD Outer Chainring -


Carbon-Ti X-CarboCam EVO 110x4 BCD Outer Chainring -


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The X-CarboCam 110 (4 arms) is an asymmetric single-chaingring realized in carbon fiber (inner body), AL7075-T6 aluminium alloy (teeth) and titanium grade 5 (up-shifting elements).
The special variable geometry allows a quicker overcoming of the dead spots and provides a more efficient and powerful pedal stroke.
After a necessary period of adjustment you can feel a smoother and profitable pedaling.
The special teeth have been designed to work in synchrony with the inner Carbon-Ti X-RoadCam 110 (4 arms). It is not recommended to pair the X-CarboCam 50 x 110 (4 arms) with a different size or with products of other brands not to compromise the shifting performance.

COMPATIBILITY The chainring has a 110 mm BCD with four fixing holes and is compatible with Shimano Dura Ace FC-9000, Ultegra FC-6800 and SRM Origin.

Made in Italy.