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“For many fixed gear riders, it’s a common problem: it’s raining hard… and you do not have fenders on your track bike, because you don’t like them. What to do?

Some buy mountain bike specific mudguards, others go for traditional fenders for which many track frames are not prepared. Many do not like both solutions and simply get very wet.

Actually, what we really want is a fender that is ONLY THERE WHEN YOU NEED IT. And that can be easily removed once the rain has stopped. This was the idea behind the Fendor-Bendor: a pliable bicycle fender, that can be placed in seconds, and removed just as fast. Once removed off the bike, it can be folded small and flat, so that it takes no room in your bag. All very simple and functional.

The Fendor-Bendor is made out of PP foil, with folding lines. By using the folding lines in the length direction, the fender gets its sturdiness. It stays in shape by placing it between the seat stays of your frame, and folding it around the seat tube. By using the folding line in the middle, it can be folded in half.

The flexibility of the material works beautifully. If the Fendor-Bendor is hit by something, it simply flexes and gets back into its shape. This makes it a very robust solution, too!”

Available now in black, grey, red, blue and orange for $19.95.


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