The Vandal was first introduced as our 26″ BMX frame w/ disc brake mounts but with the wide spread of the fixed gear 26″ movement, we decided to move the project to a fixed frame. To do tricks and feel more comfortable doing them, we understand that the 26″ wheel was the direction the sport is headed. These bikes are now just big BMX bikes that are now just as comfortable as any 20″ bike.
This frame has been tested for over a year by our riders, Steven Jensen and Tom Mosher. Tried, tested and true frame design. After getting 2-3 samples, we locked down the perfect geometry. Very simple aesthetics and share similar looks as most of our other frames, no bells and whistles. Same great heat treated, butted CRMO tubing. This is what you’d want from a 26″ bike and much-much more.


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