The New Factor Ostro VAM 2024

Available for preorder now. Our favorite bit is the front of this bike. Very very good looking headtube!

Harnessing aerodynamics, lightness, responsiveness and comfort in one bike is no longer a dream. Thanks to our engineers' expert carbon fiber lay-up techniques, our commitment to premium materials, and the unique control our own factory offers, the new OSTRO VAM performs in all areas. This isn't just innovation; it's a re-imagining of performance on two wheels, all designed to deliver an unmatched cycling experience.


Experience the new OSTRO VAM: lighter, faster, unbeatable. Now 250 grams lighter and 7 watts quicker with optimized Black Inc 48|58 wheels, it redefines responsive riding with unparalleled aerodynamic efficiency. Journey through our OSTRO VAM Launchbook as we guide you using the latest computer modelling tools to unlock aero performance gains that had been unthinkable.


The new OSTRO VAM is a sub-7kg aero weapon, so your crit bike is also your mountainous grand fondo bike and they’re both awesome. This lightness also means that the pros can use their most aero option more of the time (and for big mountain stages with summit finishes, we make the feathery and fast O2 VAM). What’s more, the uprated stiffness level is mighty, unflinching in the face of even WorldTour watt bombs. Aerodynamics, lightness and stiffness used to be sworn enemies, impossible to bring together. Now we have more of all three in one bike than ever and it’s thanks to our engineers’ tireless work to iterate the carbon fiber lay-up, our investment in top grade materials, and owning our factory which lets us do things the hard way in pursuit of the perfect ride.

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