Hi Friends,

Due to uncertain times during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are trying to do our best to work through this unprecedented scenario as safely as possible for our staff, customers and community. In order to do so, we are implementing the following procedures to keep you rolling:


We will be closed to walk-in foot traffic.
There will unfortunately be no in-store browsing, however if there is a particular item you require, please call the store.
We can fetch the items you require and process payment via Credit Card over the phone. We will then hand over the items beneath the roller door.
If you are after a new bike or build please email us and we will respond accordingly to best accommodate you.


Our online store will be expanded to help meet demands with popular items being added to the store.
If there is an item not there that you suspect we stock, please call or email us and we will organise postage for you. Let’s make this easy to shop safely from home!

WORKSHOP - Pick-Up’s

If you currently have a Bicycle being worked on, or a new bike being picked up. Once completed we will contact you to organise a pick-up time, Payment will be processed via phone and a pick-up appointment will be scheduled.

WORKSHOP - Bookings

Workshop bookings will be strictly by online appointment only.
Please simply visit our workshop bookings page here.
Please be as descriptive and provide as much information as possible when booking your bike in as we will not be available to discuss this face-to-face.
Once we have received your booking, we will call you to confirm the work and time required.
We will then also organise a drop off time to take the bike off your hands swiftly.
Once completed, we will contact you to schedule pick up time.

As an independent local small business, We apologise and are deeply saddened to have to adjust to these measures. There may be some delays in service and supply but let's work through this together to come out on top.

Please support local small businesses where you can afford to do so across the coming months.

We thank you for being understanding and respectful in helping us to continue to run Saint Cloud and support you, our loyal customers, community and staff in the safest possible way, for the longest possible time that we can.

If you have any questions or concerns please call or email.

Best regards and much love,

The Saint Clouds.

(03) 8415 0727

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