My name's Gene Kehoe and here's my review of the TCR SL DISC BIKE by Giant Bicycles. 

I could sit here and write up a cliché review, talk about the stiffness of the bike, how well it climbs, corners and the rest but we've heard all that before. Here's my honest review and the reasoning behind why the Giant TCR SL0 is my preferred road bike.

It is hands down the funnest bike I have ever ridden! The bike does everything and anything. For me in life now, everything is about having fun. Every ride I do needs to have elements of adventure and when I finish a ride I need to feel that sense of accomplishment. Because of this the TCR SL0 Disc is the perfect bike for me.

It's the bike I would take to the Giro because there would be a fair chance of terribly cold weather, with snow and black ice on the roads, but I still want to take a bike that’s light (6.8kgs size small) and climbs like a demon to make sure I actually make it up the Zoncolan.

It's the bike I would take on the two day over night trip to the Otway National Park because running 28mm tires would be a great idea due to the amount of gravel.

It's the bike I would use if I were to race the Indian Pacific Wheel Race and needed something light, fast and perfect in all conditions.  

It's the bike I would use to race any road race or criterium, with a set of tubless 25mm tyres to make sure I corner like Alby (former Australian National Champion).

It's the bike I would want if a car pulled out quickly in front of me and I had to do my best to avoid a collision.

A few of the technical specifications I love about my bike:

  • Thru Axles - they really do give the bike a better feel whilst riding. 
  • The Giant rim and hub systems are fantastic, smooth fast and reliable. This is one of the most impressive aspects of the bike.
  • The TCR frame is in my opinion the best race frame on the market. I love the Geometry, the small rear triangle and balance of performance and comfort you get whilst riding the TCR. 
  • The Giant Gavia tyres that came with the bike are fast! I mean really fast. Run them tubeless during crit season and you will fly. 
  • Disc brakes for me are here to stay. I love the sense of security you feel when using disc brakes. I no longer feel the need to worry about that long wet descent, to the contrary I love riding in the rain, it’s become fun and comfortable. 


I remember I was in Andorra for the 2016 TDF on my old TCR SL0 (rim brake) and the tour group I was leading got caught in the Stage 9 Arcalis thunderstorm. We were 2000m high and it went from 28 degrees to 6 degrees in the space of 30 minutes. I can assure you descending for 28km in pouring rain I was grabbing the brakes as hard as I could the whole way down and I don't think my forearms have ever recovered. 

It's the bike I choose to ride because it truly excels in every aspect of cycling, from tricky descents to the steepest climbs for me the TCR is one the bike that does it all. I can’t thank Nick and everyone at Saint Cloud for the excellent service over the past few years and I’m so happy to be riding the TCR SL0 DISC. 

I love my bike, if I could chose any bike in the world I would take this one.

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