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2016-03-17 15.00.36

This CAAD10 was a long time in the making. Geoff came to us with the frame around 5 months ago raring to go. During that time he had a very bad accident when a car cut him off. A smashed up jaw, fractures in the back and neck, broken shoulder and a wrecked larynx left Geoff in hospital with a tracheotomy unable to breathe on his own.

Some time later, Geoff is smashing the recovery and getting back to work. This build will hopefully act as a light at the end of the tunnel out of his life of injury. The trainer will be all he can manage for now, but he should be back on the bike within the next 3 months.

Geoff has inspired us with his consistent positive attitude through such a horrible time in his life. I hope that I could deal as well as he has, but I doubt it.

The build is an electronic specific frameset with Ultegra Di2 group, Curve 38 rims to Chris King R45 hubs, ENVE cockpit slathered in Arundel bartape and SMP saddle, finished off with King Cage Ti cages, Speedplay stainless pedals and Vittoria Rubino G+ tyres.

Go get ’em Geoff.

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