“Ola ola ola. Another night of fun brought to yous by Lane and Safa. And this time it’s for a good cause, and i don’t just mean getting pissed.
The Beagle(winner of the courier cup) had a big woopsy and ain’t covered by insurance cos it didn’t happen at work. To help our brother out the Beaglecat is a fundraiser funrace and there’ll be a raffle for some schwag. Come down to the Public Bar(Victoria and O’connel) this friday around 6. It’ll finish nearby for a bit of party and booze(free if you’re quick enough).
It’s open entry(pay as much as you can afoord to help out, show me a gold coin and i’ll show you my middle finger), all cash to the Beagle.”


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Cadence x DVS Holiday 2010 Preview

These look so sweet. Will definitely be stocking them. Read more here.

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