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Hauteworks Cliq Smart Rear Tail Light

Hauteworks Cliq Smart Rear Tail Light

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Stand Out Without a Doubt

Cliq is built with miniature total internal reflection (TIR) lenses and Osram LEDS.
Both are commonly used on automobiles and planes. They shine and protect like no other.

Flare like No Other

Cliq's app lets you create your own blinking pattern. More than a gimmick, customising your light guarantees you stand out regardless of the traffic, your riding style, or the weather.

Easily Configurable

Your riding route and weather are unique. Customise when and how your LED glows. Turn those flashes up if you're dealing with summer fog. Keep your light steady if it's a dry desert night.

Light Modes for Every Weather

You might want to ride your bike in the starry night or foggy afternoon, and you even might want to ride in the middle of the rain. Different environments require different lights. Play around with Cliq to find the optimal pattern combinations for your favourite riding routes.

Drone Powered Brake

Cliq’s smart AI automatically knows when you brake, and then triggers a brake light to protect you from vehicles behind you. No matter the weather, speed, or if you’re going uphill or downhill, Cliq watches your back.

The App For This

You control all of this from your mobile phone. It’s simple enough for anyone to use. You connect to your Cliq via Bluetooth and configure your brightness, LED pattern, brake light triggers, and many other features.