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Craig Sheppard_MG_9294

Photos: Craig Sheppard

Stage 4 was about 100km mostly flat with some hills to finish.

Todays stage started off the same way the others had previously. With crazy attacks as soon as we left the gate. We were doing 45-50 straight away. Team Champion System sat on the front to control everything and protect their yellow jersey.
Down the road a group of about 15 split on a small hill. The remaining had to then work hard to get back on. Mitch did well to convince everyone to harden up and full a fuckin’ turn to catch back up.
The rest of the race was more relaxed until we got the hills at the end. A group of about 5 got away, but we weren’t far behind.

The lunch spot was amazing, nestled in the hills above a huge damn. We had chicken.

Craig Sheppard_MG_9734Craig Sheppard_MG_9262

Our new mate Wang doing his bit on the front.

Craig Sheppard_MG_0606Craig Sheppard_MG_9276

The 5th and final stage was a 90km flat stage.

Not much to report here really. Champ sys had the race pretty well under control by now. It was a fast stage ending in a bunch finish. We were shagged and happy to finish the race! Final results were Mitch 19th and myself 22nd.

We sat down to lunch with our new friend Dave, who had come 2nd in the 30’s category and had a bunch of beers. After this we spent 24hours travelling down south to spend some quality time with our ladies.

It was such a great race. So well supported and organised. I will definitely be back next year!

Craig Sheppard_MG_9744Craig Sheppard_MG_9741Craig Sheppard_MG_9726Craig Sheppard_MG_9732Craig Sheppard_MG_9669Craig Sheppard_MG_9924Dave with he 2nd place trophy!