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Craig Sheppard_20150503-Canon EOS 5D Mark III_MG_7856

Today was the first of the road stages, a flat 103km race north of Bangkok.

After the neutral zone the attacks started.  Something eventually stuck and 4 guys got away.  After they were out of sight Jimmy Butler decided to go for a little ride up the road on the chase.  He bridged to within 20 meters, but couldn’t get there.

Back in the bunch things started to get a bit hairy as the course went through a town.  There were so many corners and roundabouts!  At one point a bloke went down in front of me and I some how unclipped and jumped off my bike to land running.  I still went down but was all good to get back on.  A little further on the lead car took a wrong turn and while trying to get back to the front hit one of the riders.  It was at this point we all decided to neutralise the race until the end.  We were only about 10km off anyway and the break was no where in sight.  We crossed the line to discover the break wasn’t back yet…they had taken a wrong turn and arrived 2 mins after the bunch.

But where was Jimmy?  No where to be seen and all alone somewhere in Thailand.  Ah well it was time for lunch.  About 2 hours later Jimmy returns, pretty sweaty and unable to stand up too well.  Needless to say he had gotten lost.  He had ended up at a petrol station crawling on the floor begging for water.  He was cooked.  When he managed to find out how far he was from the hotel/finish line, the bloke told him it was 80km away.  He had already ridden 110 trying to chase the imaginary breakaway.  I’ve never seen someone so ruined.  So funny though.  Thanks Jimmy.

All photos by Craig Sheppard.
Tour Of Friendship.

Craig Sheppard_20150503-Canon EOS 5D Mark III_MG_7796Craig Sheppard_20150503-Canon EOS 5D Mark III_MG_8041Craig Sheppard_20150503-Canon EOS 5D Mark III_MG_7846Craig Sheppard_20150503-Canon EOS 5D Mark III_MG_7894Craig Sheppard_20150503-Canon EOS 5D Mark III_MG_7860Craig Sheppard_20150506-Canon EOS 5D Mark III_MG_9400Craig Sheppard_20150503-Canon EOS 5D Mark III_MG_8001