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It has well and truly gotten to that time of year when riding our bikes becomes that little bit harder.

Given the fact that temperatures are plummeting, and most of us are likely burning the candle at both ends with Le Tour keeping us up until the wee hours of the morning, our regular commute by bicycle becomes something that we seem to put off until the weather improves. I know I’m certainly guilty of becoming pretty lazy in the colder part of the year, but I’ve been stoked to discover that my commute doesn’t have to be a miserable experience, even in the worst conditions.

We’ve recently received stock of the SWRVE Winter Softshell Trousers, and I decided to get myself a pair to try and remove some of the unpleasantness that comes hand in hand with winter riding. I’m not a great morning person, and there’s always a little apprehension when it comes to heading out on the more miserable days, but I’ve come to discover that my past woes of heading out early, turning up to work freezing cold, stuck in wet jeans for the day and making sure my life is that little bit more miserable, are now well and truly in the past.

I’ve been wearing these pants almost constantly since I first picked them up a couple of weeks ago. Work, Pub, out riding, and even on the days when I know i’m not going to be riding my bike anywhere, I’m choosing these to wear over my favourite denim because they’re just so good for the cold weather!

If you’re like me, and appreciate the smaller comforts that can be achieved by having the appropriate gear for winter (which still looks good), then do yourself a favour and check these out. A worthy purchase when it comes to making another miserable Melbourne winter on your bike, that little bit more bearable.