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Specifically the Moon Comet rear and the Mask front.

I’ve been using these guys for the last month and they are brilliant. Both lights fit so neatly to the bike. The rear Comet can be installed vertically or horizontally. I like to run it vertical to nicely match the seatpost. The moon can also run both ways making it easily mountable to the stem. You can even put it under the stem for extra stealthiness.

The Comet has multiple mini LED’s which send off a light sabre-ish light instead of a harsh beam which will piss off mates and cars behind you.
Although small, the Mask sends out quite a big light. It’s a 70 lumen beam which is high enough for suburban night rides and commuting. If you need bigger they have the 100 and 200 lumen Meteor in a very similar shape to the Mask.

Both lights are USB charging and have quite a long battery life. They kick all the goals in my opinion!

Mask $59.95 Comet $49.95

Photography: Charlie Murray