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Reviewed by Nicholas (Spirro) Edwards:

I recently grabbed a bottle of WD40 Foaming Bike Wash. We all know WD40 – the stuff in a can you get from Bunnings you SHOULDN’T use on a bike, I wanted to give the offering from this famous brand a go.

So far, it’s worked really well. Either spraying onto a clean rag and giving the bike a quick wipe down before the weekend or spraying directly onto a wet bike to soak in. Both methods have worked well so far with the bikes coming up nice and clean without leaving a greasy residue on the frame. While many might be thinking bike specific wash is a bit of a gimmick, I can say that I have used pretty much everything you can to wash bikes, and when it’s my bike I prefer to use these products now.

The weather has been pretty good of late, and so I haven’t been able to give it a real run for its money yet in terms of cleaning off proper mud as claimed… but I’m sure CX season will provide that opportunity soon enough!