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Cam McFarlane. ’nuff said. He’s remarkably committed to the development of junior cyclists, unbelievably generous with his time, and a dead set legend.

Cam’s motorpacing bike, “Neville”, is on the blink and in need of some TLC. Neville is the bike of choice for Cam and his ongoing commitment to junior motorpacing and training across south-west Victoria. His commitment to the country kids through the South-West Academy of Sport has to be heard to be believed. We thought it was time that Cam gets something back from the community he supports so generously.

As the SAINT CLOUD RACING lads have endured some of our most excruciating cycling experiences behind Neville, we thought we’d do a bit of a Saturday jaunt to raise some dough to get Neville back to his former glory. A ride hopefully challenging enough to get the McFarlane “You’re not a pussy” stamp of approval…

300 km. Around the bay. On track bikes.

We’d love it if you could support the challenge ride by donating whatever you can to the fundraiser. You can donate via PayPal, or directly to Duggan who’s on a first name basis with both Cam and the pain cave that exists behind Neville. We’re hoping for $500 and all funds raised will go to the restoration of Neville, and to the ongoing support of the South West Academy junior cyclists.

PayPal payments can be sent to or hit Steve up on that email for his bank deets.

We will be finishing at Brunswick Velodrome if anyone wants to come by for a BBQ!

– Words by Steve Duggan, artwork by JAMS.