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I personally think that we hear the word “Epic” bandied around a little too frequently when it comes to cycling nowadays, however occasionally you come across something that is genuinely epic, and this here is one of those things.

Check out the vid below

Here’s a little more info on what these guys are up to.

“In 1909 and again in 1912, a relay race was held to prove how effective a bicycle would be in helping to transmit a military dispatch across the country in times of national emergency. The relay race had cyclists carrying a satchel with a document from Adelaide – through Melbourne – and onto Sydney. There were over 60 relay points where pairs of cyclists took over from each other and managed the entire 1148 miles (over 1800 km) in just over 69 hours! In the second running, cyclists were racing motor bikes and motor cars. On handicap, the cyclists won by several hours!

Partly as a result of proving their ability to deal with all kinds of terrain and weather, the bicycle was later used by the Australian infantry in WWI n the ANZAC Cyclist Corps.

We have found the original satchels and even a medal awarded to a member of the relay team but now we are seeking to retrace the original relay points and create a commemorative route for current and future generations to explore and also better understand the role of the many towns along the route and the amazing cyclists who made history!

We have already reconnoitred the first half to Melbourne and will soon do the rest. This video tries to capture some of the moments along the route. An extended version of the video is going into production soon.

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Nice work gentlemen